Have you ever taken a good, long look in the mirror? Well at FM Global, we did just that.

Over the last three years, FM Global dug deep to explore and validate the company’s culture, values and the “secret sauce” that makes us unique.

Like many organizations, we face several demographic shifts in a rapidly evolving talent landscape. We’ve welcomed many new colleagues to our company over the last few years. We’ve seen Generation Z enter the workforce en masse. And we know that a considerable number of our peers are looking forward to a well-deserved retirement.

For these reasons, we took our science- and research-driven approach to examine our company and our people to clarify and more actively harness the key elements of FM Global’s culture for the future.

Our long-standing values have guided us and made us who we are today. Yet we decided to take a fresh look at our culture against the backdrop of today’s changing external and internal dynamics to ensure we can continue to articulate and embed it for our current and future employees, our clients and our partners.

What we found was more affirming than surprising—but inspiring, nonetheless.

FM Global is results oriented. We focus on results and outcomes, which means delivering for our clients. But we’re also caring. The team at FM Global is highly affiliative and drawn to relationships and partnerships.

This is our “secret sauce.”

We believe FM Global’s ability to drive results but also maintain strong, caring relationships with our clients, colleagues and communities is rare, and we are working hard to preserve it, evolve it where necessary and embed it for the next generation of FM Global—so we don’t lose our magic.

Our core values

Our culture represents a strong tailwind for our business strategy and our clients—and underneath lie the values that drive it.

In our work to better understand who we are, we found consistent core values among our people, including:

  • Innovative – We deliver knowledge and expertise.
  • Passionate – We are passionate about our work with our clients and each other.
  • Caring – We care tremendously about our work, our clients and our colleagues.
  • United – We are one team with the strength and stability of our shared beliefs.

Our values serve as the foundation for FM Global’s purpose to protect today for a better tomorrow. These shared values drive our philosophy around working with our clients and each other. This continuity and our shared experience allow us to excel and give us depth—and provide us with a roadmap to drive engagement, retention and our future.

Moreover, clearly articulating our values makes our culture even more powerful and effective, allowing us to nurture the qualities that make us unique and leverage them for our clients and our people.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Of course, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) play a prominent role in any organization’s cultural identity. And over the last five years, FM Global has made a significant commitment to evaluate and understand the state of DE&I within our company and to invest in action to evolve and enhance it.

We launched numerous programs and initiatives as part of this effort, including:

  • We conducted an inclusion survey to better understand our colleagues’ perspectives.
  • We established a governance body composed of top leaders to help guide our strategy.
  • We created a leadership scorecard to hold executive leaders accountable for DE&I.
  • We embedded inclusive leadership training into the development portfolio of all people managers.
  • We established a Culture and Employee Experience division.
  • We launched several business resource groups (Multi-Cultural, Multigenerational, Pride (LGBTQ+) and Women’s BRGs), which serve an invaluable and powerful role in organically preserving and evolving our culture.
  • We conducted a third-party audit of our talent acquisition and performance management processes to identify any unintended or unconscious bias for remediation.

I am proud of the tremendous progress we’ve made in an incredibly brief time. For example, among our top leadership group, representation of women and racially diverse are both up from 2019.

This progress is a testament to our highly affiliative culture.

Yet we remain at the beginning of this journey—and it’s a journey we are committed to for the long term.

Deep Roots

Our culture has deep roots. Our ability to drive results with a caring nature has served our clients and communities well over our long history.

Our focus now is to further embed our culture into our organization—to maintain it, transfer it and evolve it—as our workforce changes, to ensure the next generation of our people and clients continue to contribute to and benefit from it.

With this deeper understanding of who we are and where we’ve been, we can work together to build an even better tomorrow.