“We’re investing in our colleagues so they can, in turn, help you invest in a more resilient tomorrow.”


Today, the people, strategy and technology required to lead are far different than they were yesterday. As the pace of change continues to accelerate and the global landscape of business complexity shifts, it’s increasingly important for leaders to build a workforce that adapts and thrives for whatever comes our way.

That’s why our focus on your success begins with a holistic approach to ensure our colleagues have the right skills, experience and tools to deliver what you need today and anticipate what you need for the future. 

While there’s more to be said about our strategy or technology plans, it is truly our people who create and deliver the value—and empowering our colleagues is where everything begins. More than ever, we’re investing in our colleagues so they can, in turn, help you invest in a more resilient tomorrow. Here are a few ways we achieved that in 2022.

Fostering inclusivity and strengthening culture

To provide an inclusive space where everyone’s differences are respected, we launched a multigenerational business resource group for knowledge-sharing between long-tenured colleagues and younger hires. As part of our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts in 2022, this expanded on our already established women and multi-cultural business resource groups. To ensure we adapt to the ever-changing needs of the labor market, we also founded a Culture and Employee Experience organization.

Leaders at every level are empowered and held accountable to foster inclusivity and provide support for unique needs of our colleagues. For us, this means we continue to ensure equity within our talent processes, performance management and talent acquisition. And we continue to ensure we have processes in place to mitigate unintended bias.

Learning with purpose

As a knowledge-based organization, it’s important to keep our colleagues informed and engaged, while retaining what makes our culture unique as we grow our business around the globe.

One way we do this is through our FM Global Academy, an advanced learning and development experience that delivers in-person and on-demand programs across the globe for colleagues and clients.

Last year, the FM Global Academy was dedicated to honing colleagues’ individual and collective strengths to ensure we’re developing a workforce that can understand and align with the scale and pace of change our clients face. We went global with our training, including a holistic approach to leadership development, and launched our first technical engineering program in Singapore.

Going forward we’ll continue to set our sights on broadening our learning and development capabilities in Europe, along with our stateside Learning Center/SimZone and Research Campus.

Building resilience in our people

In 2022, to support the personal and professional demands of our employees, we expanded our workplace focus on flexibility and emotional and financial well-being. We offered two company-wide well-being days off, as well as expanded our workplace mental health and financial education and resources. In addition, we gave all colleagues a one-time lump sum payment—separate from other adjustments or increases—due to the exceptional circumstances we are facing as a result of inflation.

Then, to better understand everyone’s experience with our values and culture, we deployed a global employee survey; we’ll use that input to identify potential opportunities and strengthen what makes us unique, while driving and delivering more value for you. 

I believe this commitment to an environment of care and inclusiveness permeates outward. It allows us to develop long-standing partnerships, focus on our superlative research, unmatched data and science, and provide world-class risk management that’s deeply human.

Delivering differentiated value with digital

As a data-driven organization, we’re always looking for new and better ways to deliver value so that clients have access to critical information when and how they need it. And it’s why we continue to invest in developing our people and leveraging our data and expertise, while integrating connectivity into everything we do.

Over the last year, we’ve implemented new processes, programs and technologies that facilitate efficiency in delivering our proprietary, first-class digital client experience. As a powerful knowledge hub, our digital client experience will broaden access to a wealth of scientific data and provide tools to help inform clients and manage their loss prevention and insurance programs. Our new client-facing portal offers secure ways to share information and collaborate on work products, such as a transparent view of the renewal process, including steps, schedules, status and documentation.

Creating a culture of caring

We believe this strong attention to caring for our people is one of our biggest differentiators, and why FM Global enjoys high retention—some of the highest in our industry. The result is a strong commitment to you, our clients and partners—you have to believe in that to work here. And it’s why we’re focused on hiring and developing the right expertise to help protect your purpose.

Though it’s clear that people tend to join us and stay, we know we can’t take that for granted. That’s why we’ll continue this critical work in advancing our colleagues and culture to better support our clients and partners in the coming years. This includes accelerating and deepening our environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments. 

Fostering resilience isn’t new to us; it’s a business practice we hold in high regard—one that has allowed us to protect our clients and partners and help them prosper for nearly 200 years. When our people feel cared for, they can work as a team to be agile in responding to an ever-evolving world. And, perhaps most important of all, they can grow into the leaders of tomorrow, carrying our values forward and preparing for whatever the future may hold.