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Risk management education evolves
December 04, 2017 | Business Insurance
Brion Callori, senior vice president and manager, engineering and research for FM Global, shares his perspectives on how colleges and universities are evolving in the face of changing times.
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Keep the Weather Outside Your Building
October 31, 2017 | A.M. BestTV
What are the natural and cyber hazards facing Asia today? FM Global's Dave Johnson, vice president, regional manager, shares the answers and how property owners can better safeguard their facilities.
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2017 Innovation Award Winner: FM Global's Global Flood Map
October 02, 2017 | Business Insurance
FM Global’s Global Flood Map, a 2017 Business Insurance Innovation Awards winner, was created to give risk managers and other stakeholders a free tool to assess flood exposures and enhance their loss-prevention and site-location decisions.
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