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Flood damage can erode companies' long-term value – study
July 30, 2020 | Insurance Business America
Flood disruptions could cause a business’s stock to drop significantly over the succeeding 12 months, reflecting investors’ shaken confidence in the company’s managerial decision-making, according to a new study commissioned by FM Global.
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Creating a climate of long-term resilience
Creating a climate of long-term resilience
July 16, 2020 | Treasury & Risk
Should corporate finance managers focus more on climate risk? FM Global Vice President and Treasurer Denise Hebert discusses why now is the right time for businesses to focus on such vulnerabilities and provides advice to minimize loss.
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Climate risk: Understand, plan and fortify
July 09, 2020 | FEI Daily
What is the future of climate risk preparedness and how has the pandemic changed how a company addresses its exposures? FM Global provides answers to these and more questions plaguing many CFOs today.
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Mitigating the risks of re-tooling
July 06, 2020 | Strategic Risk
Discover how HARTMANN Group’s risk profile changed, according to FM Global, when it increased hand sanitizer production at the start of the COVID outbreak.
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