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Risk managers: How does your firm score for resilience?

Gain Personalized Answers With New Client Version of FM Global Resilience Index

What if a number could help you understand your facilities’ resilience to business disruption worldwide?

Now risk managers, who are clients of FM Global, can gain those insights to better inform their decisions with a personalized version of the business property insurer’s 2017 FM Global Resilience Index.

Building on the free public version of the Index, an online tool that ranks the business resilience of nearly 130 countries, clients can now

  • see a customized ‘Account Resilience Index Score’ showing their facilities' resilience

  • view insured value by country compared with a nation’s resilience

  • benchmark against industry peers and other FM Global insureds

The enhancements are based on property risk data for each client location (e.g., fire and natural hazard risk quality, exposure to natural hazards, emergency planning and rebuild time) and combined with external economic, cyber risk and supply chain figures.

“It’s critical to understand the risk quality of your operations and whether the countries you’re located in can bounce back from disaster,” said Bret Ahnell, executive vice president, FM Global. “These Index upgrades and our expanded suite of analytics tools can help clients better protect their bottom line and be more competitive.”

Access the enhancements on FM Global’s client portal, MyRisk.